Transition Metals Sample Letter

Transition Metals Corp.

Attn: Scott McLean, President, CEO
9C – 1351 Kelly Lake Road
Sudbury ON P3E 5P5

(705) 669-1777

Ministry of Mines

Attn: George Pirie, Minister of Mines
99 Wellesley St. W

5th Floor, Room 5620

Toronto,ON M7A 1W3

Premier Doug Ford

Premier’s Office
Room 281
Legislative Building, Queen’s Park

Toronto, ON M7A 1A1

September 2022

Dear Sirs,

On Tuesday Sept 6 Limerick Council hosted a delegation with Transition Metals (TM), a mining explorations company from Sudbury. To our surprise, Scott McLean stated that they were projected to start work in Limerick early 2023.

In 2018/19, the community of Limerick made it abundantly clear to the McBride Project that we will NOT acquiesce to explorations in our populated cottage country. Pancon Int’l wisely concluded that mining explorations/development in Limerick was not favorable to all parties concerned.

Mining was prolific in our areas until the 1960’s when gold/copper/nickle mines closed and are still being remediated by the provincial government. The Provincial Policy has our area pegged for mineral extractions, but this Plan is completely outdated and does not reflect the current demographics of homes and our reliance on environmental factors remaining intact and undisturbed – especially lakes, rivers and sub surface aquifers.

All residents rely on well water and some water veins are sensitive to dry spells. The extensive volumes of water required for explorations puts wells at high risk of running dry, and the leaching of sulfur and sediment into our drinking water cannot be mitigated. Thousands of residents and businesses in several townships could be impacted.

Limerick Estates is a new development construction project directly south of TM’s claims, with approx 118 new homes and a recreation center on 320 acres that would be greatly impacted on many levels by explorations. Plentiful, pristine forests and lakes are the lifeblood of Limerick for attracting tax paying home owners and tourists. This is the wrong location for a potential mine.

Limerick is in the heart of the Land Between bio diverse ecosystem including 57 Species at Risk. Our area may never recover from the stripping, pitting and trenching that will destroy our environment and economy.

I oppose any mining explorations in Limerick Township now and indefinitely and demand the Provincial Policy Plan be updated to remove mineral extraction/explorations in our area.

Thank you