Sample Letter

Hon. Greg Rickford
Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines
99 Wellesley St W, Whitney Block 5th Flr Rm 5630
Toronto, ON, M7A 1W3


Mr. Tony Scarr
Regional Supervisor Southern Ontario
Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines (MNDM)
933 Ramsey Lake Road, Floor 6
Sudbury ON P3E 6B5

Re: “The McBride Project”: proposed mining operation in Limerick Township (insert current date)

Dear Mr. Rickford (Mr. Scarr),

I strongly oppose the development of a mine in Limerick Township for two main reasons: its environmental risks are unacceptable and uncontainable and the local and wide spread community will suffer as a result.

The mining property covers a forested area that includes unspoiled lakes and wetlands. This natural habitat supports a wide variety of wildlife, including endangered species. It also supports our way of life and our economy. Many local businesses depend on tourism and recreation, which in turn depend on the health and beauty of our lakes and woods. The proposed mine would produce an estimated 5 tons of waste. This could irreparably  arm wildlife, and contaminate our lakes, wetlands, and drinking water. I do not believe it is possible to develop a mine in Limerick without causing serious and permanent harm.

Pancon has told its shareholders that the McBride Project is located in a region with “strong community support” for mining. This view is out of date. There is a long history of mining in this area, but things have changed. The economy of Limerick and area is based on local services and trades, entrepreneurship, tourism, and recreation, while the traditional activities of hunting, fishing, trapping, small-scale logging and farming  continue. An industrial mining operation will have no value for most year-round and seasonal residents, will not generate a meaningful number of local jobs, and will reduce
property values.

The natural environment is Limerick’s most valuable resource. The McBride Project is harmful to the environment, water and livelihood of thousands of people in this location and cannot continue. Please do not approve any applications for further mining explorations or activities on this site.