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New Exploration Projects

Hello Community,

With the McBride Project being put on an insanely long back burner, many thanks to Chief Marsden of First Nation and Limerick townships’ Resolution, I had the opportunity over the Easter long weekend to catch up on some research, and my discoveries are very unnerving.  Gold is the common denominator for all of these companies, and gold is among the most toxic of the metals to develop.

Only a couple of kms north of the McBride Project, is another company, Transition Metals,  looking for an investor to further explorations, very similar to the McBride Project.  This project encompasses Robinson and Spring Lakes on both sides of Hwy 62. You may know these lands as being owned by Domtar or Longyear. They’ve been doing a good deal of clear cutting last year and appears to continue.There are also other projects in Tudor/Cashel and into Lennox and Addington.  As well as several explorations N/E of Bancroft in the County of Renfrew and Kawartha Highlands, to name a few.

Transition Metals was formed in 2009 and is based out of Sudbury and as of 2017, had 17 partners with over 30 projects across Canada. They are a project generator attracting investors, similar to what Derek McBride did with Pancon. They sell off the entire project or percentages of the projects. Platinum, palladium, nickel, copper, cobalt and gold  are metals that are being sought after. Sudbury Platinum Corp. and Canadian Gold Miner are subsidiaries. 

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Crown William currently owns in excess of 55,000 acres that comprise the Madoc Project located in Tudor and Cashel, Grimsthorpe and Effingham townships N/E of Madoc. Crown William has engaged in stripping and trenching.

Crown William has engaged in stripping and channel sampling in 2018, in the twps. of Grimsthorpe and Anglesea in Lennox & Addington County.


Union Glory Gold Limited (China interest whom Derek McBride assisted) consists of the Addington gold project located in Kaladar Township approximately 10 km north of the village of Kaladar where they drilled in 2016.


It’s more imperative now than ever for all townships and counties to protect our diminishing lands, wildlife and fresh water supplies. The tax bases on mining companies in Ontario are the lowest in Canada so our townships won’t profit much at all, and very few permanent jobs are created because of the technological advances. MNDM encourages explorations in the hopes of a potential mine, but those lands can never be fully remediated back to their original states if explorations/mines are allowed, and leave desolate communities with undrinkable water in their wake.

Please write again to MNDM clearly announcing your opposition to any mining explorations in south eastern Ontario.

MNDM stated that explorations create “minimal environmental damage” and this damage is acceptable. Between 2000-2011, southern Ontario has lost 72% of our fresh water supply. I don’t want to know how much more we’ve lost since then.

Minestoppers.com has letter writing help so that you can copy and paste, or just write a very quick email stating:


“PLEASE STOP south eastern Ontario mining explorations, especially nickel, copper, cobalt, palladium, platinum, uranium and gold!!”

                               tony.scarr@ontario.ca                    greg.rickford@pc.ola.org

Thank you,
Monica Nikopoulos


Pancontinental Resources Terminates their Option Agreement on the McBride Project

Today, Pancontinental Resources announced their decision to terminate their Option Agreement on the McBride Project in southeastern Ontario.

This is great news for the LACC, the Lake Associations, and the community at large.   It demonstrates the strength of a community that is working together.

The LACC remains focused on the activities of the McBride site property owner, Hastings  Highland Resources, and respects PanCon’s decision to abandon this southeastern Ontario site and focus on their projects in mining friendly Northern Ontario.

Their press release can be found here:



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As we gather momentum and work to strengthen our defense against the McBride mining project, we recognize that support from our community is critical to success.

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Community members are concerned that the proposed low-grade, potentially acid generating, nickel-cobalt-copper mining project would irreparably alter or destroy this sensitive area.

The Limerick and Crowe Valley Watershed Conservation areas are home to numerous wetlands, lakes and rivers, and provide essential habitat to many species of fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, including several threatened and endangered species.

This area also provides drinking water, as well as recreational and tourism opportunities to thousands of Ontarians each year.

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