Please Write a Letter to MNDM

The LACC is encouraging the community to write a letter to the Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines.

You can find Letter Writing Tips and Hints by clicking here.

And a Sample Letter by clicking here.


Pancontinental Resources Terminates their Option Agreement on the McBride Project

Today, Pancontinental Resources announced their decision to terminate their Option Agreement on the McBride Project in southeastern Ontario.

This is great news for the LACC, the Lake Associations, and the community at large.   It demonstrates the strength of a community that is working together.

The LACC remains focused on the activities of the McBride site property owner, Hastings  Highland Resources, and respects PanCon’s decision to abandon this southeastern Ontario site and focus on their projects in mining friendly Northern Ontario.

Their press release can be found here:



Help support the fight

As we gather momentum and work to strengthen our defense against the McBride mining project, we recognize that support from our community is critical to success.

Currently, LACC activities are being managed and funded by a small group of dedicated individuals.

To help us financially, please consider making a donation.  Visit our GoFundMe Page

If you would like to volunteer some of your time to the cause, please email us at LACC@minestoppers.com

Please sign our petition

Petition on Change.org

Community members are concerned that the proposed low-grade, potentially acid generating, nickel-cobalt-copper mining project would irreparably alter or destroy this sensitive area.

The Limerick and Crowe Valley Watershed Conservation areas are home to numerous wetlands, lakes and rivers, and provide essential habitat to many species of fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, including several threatened and endangered species.

This area also provides drinking water, as well as recreational and tourism opportunities to thousands of Ontarians each year.

Please sign our petition on Change.org